pallet truck for changing broken pallets

pallet truck Hubi

With the pallet truck Hubi from Atlanta the pallet exchange is very simple. Save working time and labor when, for example, you have to reload cargo from a defective Euro-Pallet or Duesseldorfer half pallet. Hubi is the perfect pallet truck when it comes to replacing pallets with new loadable ones due to damage. The goods do not have to be unpacked, the labeling is retained. The pallet truck lifts the goods by means of a hydraulic clamp on the side, the pallet can be removed and replaced. With a subsequent foot wrapping of 2-4 turns, the goods are again secured for further transport. In less than 5 minutes. This saves time and costs, since neither a completely new wrapping is necessary nor labeling must be newly attached. Errors in the shipment are thus excluded.


  • The defective DHP is no longer marketable due to damage.
  • The goods are picked up by the hydraulic clamp and lifted off the pallet by HUBI.
  • The defective pallet can be removed by free lift and can now be replaced by a marketable DHP.
  • Then the goods are placed on a good DHP and relaxed the clamping.
  • Another PLUS: You achieve a significant cost savings by the product does not have to be completely wound again and the labels are retained. The HUBI is removed and the pallet is ready.
  • With 2 to 4 windings on the pallet foot, the pallet is again cargo-proof and ready for transport. Finished! Thanks to HUBI, the pallet exchange takes 5 minutes.



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