packaging technologies

Atlanta Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading companies in packaging technology with the development, sale and production of machines. The focus as a manufacturer lies in the specialization on semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrappers with stretch film and the packaging of transport goods in cartons and shrink film. The development of special solutions for customers and the resulting close connection to the industry and their requirements brought several own brands to market maturity over the decades, for example a fully automatic handle applicator for packages or containers in shrink films, which found its customers mainly in the beverage industry. Another home-grown plant is the "Hubi", a special type of lift truck with which it is easy to exchange defective Euro pallets or Düsseldorf half pallets without having to completely rewrap the transported goods on top of them. This saves time, money and saves the environment by saving on consumables.

some of our clients..

Coca-Cola // Pepsi // SAB Miller // Heineken // Carlsberg, AB Inbev // Pepsico // Dematic // Krones // KHS // Sidel // Nestle // Danone // Unilever // Rhenser // Spaten Franziskaner // Weihenstephan // Erdinger // Pomona Kellerei // Aqua Römer ..