Stretch Wrapping Machines



The model MYTHO is a stationary stretch-wrapping machine with a rotating table. The stretch-wrapper is suitable for goods in different shapes and heights and the applied rotary disk provides a high processing speed. The Model MYTHO-EASY has the functions of the standard model MYTHO, with a simplified control panel and the possibility to store 3 wrapping programs


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  • Total installed power 1 kW
  • Standard input voltage 230V 50/60Hz
  • Table diameter 1.650mm or 1.800mm
  • max. palett size 1.200mm x 1.000mm or 1.400 x 1.000mm
  • max. wrapping height 2.200 or 2.400mm
  • max. capacity 2.000kg
  • Table rotation ratio 3 – 12 rpm

From the control desk, adjustable electromagnetic brake on the pulley.

Power Roller Stretch
Powered elongation system with 3 elongation rolls and an comfortably changeable set of gear wheels for 150%, 200% and 250% elongation. The system comes with a setup of 200% elongation.

Power Stretch
Powered elongation system with 3 elongation rolls and 2 motors and the possibility to change the elongation by the machine control panel continuous between 120% and 350%.

Niederhalter für Paletten
The optional hold-down device for the pallet load, stabilises the load during the stretching process of the machine.

The optional cover-sheet unit can be fully integrated into the machine. The cover sheet ensures a dust or waterproof wrapping of the pallet load

Automatic welding system for foil ends. The foil end will be welded to the finished wrapped pallet.

The semi automatic turntable Model MYTHO-TP (Trans-Palett) allows with a special recess the easier handling of palletised goods.