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With an Atlanta strapping machine, you are able to professionalize your logistics flexibly and safely. For decades, Atlanta has been one of the leading manufacturers in the packaging industry, with an extensive range of strapping machines that cover all requirements in package and pallet processing.

Rely on a high-quality and durable strapping machines by Atlanta. Benefit from our know-how for your logistics. Automatic strapping machines pack your consignment quickly, safely and efficiently while maintaining the same quality. In addition, your consignment can be customized by embossing or printing on the strapping and increases the recognition value of your goods even before unpacking. In our product range you will find strapping machines with different closure options, so that you can use each strapping band variably in different sizes. In addition to stationary strapping equipment, Atlanta offers you the ability to rely on mobile devices for flexible packaging.



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Strapping machines reliably secure your parcels

You can rely on tried-and-tested technology to secure cargo securely in place with a strapping machines by Atlanta. For this purpose, a packaging unit of products or packages is enclosed, tensioned and fixed with a strap. For strapping, depending on the size and number of units to be secured, you can use semi-automatic or fully automatic machines from our product catalog.

Strapping machines for your specific application

Atlanta is one of the leading manufacturers of strapping machines and offers you a wide range, from semi-automatic to fully automatic large machines that can strap entire pallets.

Safe transport protection with a strapping machine

Transport goods are secured by strapping for transport, so that they are almost immovable and securely packed from light to severe damage even on bumpy roads. For additional protection, these are usually protected with shrink film before being strapped. Atlanta also sets standards here and is one of the few manufacturers to offer you a strapping machine that can replace shrink film in an environmentally friendly manner. The strapping, which can be made of either plastic or steel, can be customized on request in order to achieve greater recognition during loading.

Order a strapping machine from Atlanta

We can send you an offer immediately. You can use the form for this or contact us directly by phone. Just tell us your requirements and together we will find the right machine for your application. Your requirements include, for example, how many parcels you want to strap per day and what the condition of your parcels is.

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