Pallet stretch wrapper for every application

With a pallet stretch wrapper from Atlanta, you pack your pallets safely and efficiently for transport. Depending on the application, it is possible to wrap the pallet fully automatically or semi-automatically with stretch film. State-of-the-art technology only uses the amount of stretch film required for safe, moisture-protected transport and optimum load securing, resulting in enormous savings in packaging material and costs. In-house developed patents underline Atlanta's position with more than 24,000 machines sold worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of packaging technology.

Atlanta offers the right pallet stretch wrapper for all applications. In addition to semi-automatic film wrappers such as mobile, turntables, and rotary arm stretch wrappers, Atlanta also offers fully automatic stretch film wrappers for all performance ranges. Mobile pallet wrappers easily secure different sizes of pallets. The range of wrapping machines from Atlanta covers every conceivable form of wrapping possibilities right up to ring wrappers, which can be integrated into the automated storage system.

mobile stretch wrapper

A mobile stretch wrapper from Atlanta can be used flexibly in several variants. The currentless version "Marathon" is used wherever it has to be fast and reliable and charging possibilities are rare. The battery-operated professional version "Sfera" also offers the option of storing up to 99 wrapping programs that automatically wrap pallets at the push of a button.

rotary arm wrappers

Rotary arm stretch wrappers are used wherever heavy and, above all, unstable pallets pose a challenge. Due to their small dimensions, pallet stretch wrappers with rotating arm can also be set up in places where there is little space available and where ergonomic and efficient packaging is required.

turntable stretch wrapper

Stretch wrappers with turntables are the entry point into the semi-automatic transport securing of shipping goods with stretch film. The Atlanta product portfolio covers all areas of application for wrappers. Starting with simple plates with the option of a ramp for pallet trucks up to fully automatic integration into your pallet conveyor technology.

ring stretch wrapper

Vertical and horizontal ring wrappers are stretch wrappers for the high performance range with a production capacity of up to 140 pallets per hour in the vertical "Omega" version. The "Stargate" horizontal ring wrapper is suitable for packing panels, pipes and other unpalletized long and bulky objects.

Accessories, spare parts and service for stretch wrappers

One of the most important factors when making a purchase is the profitability of the investment, which will only pay off if the machine runs smoothly. The service concept of Atlanta-Germany with worldwide service technicians, 24-hour delivery within Germany and Europe-wide express delivery by courier for over 4800 spare parts that are always in stock, we guarantee the highest customer satisfaction. With a stretch wrapper from Atlanta you are safe and acquire a long-lasting top product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can find our contact persons on the respective product pages. We are looking forward to your challenge.

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